Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Couples Wrestling Matches are arranged by like minded people who meet at parties or online chatrooms. Small talk turn into questions. Questions turn into bragging. And Bragging turns into challenges.

In the series CROSSTOWN MATCHUP, physically able and sexy couples meet to test that challenge. Boyfriends and husbands are not shy with one another. They have no problem undressing in front of strange women, let alone their gorgeous mates. It's pride in their own physiques; the musculature, their size, their ability to take another man down in sweaty combat. This is their confidence. And it's the anticipation of kicking another man's ass as their ladies watch admiringly that get's 'em hard and eager.

Girlfriends and wives don't hold back either. They know this is the fantasy of every man. To see two beautiful females, locked in nude combat, sweating until one beauty rises in exhausted victory and in readiness to service the man who eagerly awaits to give the winner their overwhelming appreciation.

Stakes are more than just bragging rights. The rewards are a few moments with the winner of the other match. It could be sex with the partner they showed up with. Or it could be with the strange they've just met and admired. Either way, the losers of the matches have to sit and watch in humiliation as the dominant ones lock in an embrace and fuck in arrogant victory.

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